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Welcome to Amusement-Park-Deals.com. Offering the greatest deals since 2008 on all discount tickets for any theme park you want to visit. Below we will list some basic info, gate prices, some history, and a review from someone who has used our online codes to save money. Don't take my word for it, click on the links to claim your discounts today.

2012 Admission Prices
Single day adult pass
Single day children pass
Starlight admission
Adult season pass
Child season pass
$96.00 (BEST DEAL)
2 for 1 group passes also available

This theme park is located in Shakopee, Minnesota; and sits on about 125 acres of land. As of right now Valleyfair is the largest amusement park in the Upper Midwest, and can afford to have much cheaper prices. Owners are the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, and funny enough the Fair in the Cedar Fair name comes from Valleyfair. Discount passes are handed out every opening season to staff and their families as gratitude. Currently the park houses 46 rides and water attractions. 8 of which are roller coasters, the most popular being the Wild Thing.

Gates first opened to the public in 1976 and had a Coney Island theme; however it clashed with some of the rides that were being installed like the Steel roller coasters, Wild Thing, and the Corkscrew. All of which were a modern day type of ride and looked silly with the Coney Island theme. Owners soon changed the name, and with it whole new discount tickets handed out. The park is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day and a couple weekends in May and Sept. The only other day you can claim a coupon would be the ValleySCARE, the Halloween event.

My discount passes were extremely easy to order from this website; as a matter of fact I don’t have a single complaint. I went with my friends and ordered some for them too, with all the money I saved them; I got dinner on the house. The park is pretty inexpensive anyway. The rides are fun, the water clean, and the staff friendly for the most part. Thank you!
-Carl Larson-