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Located in the center of the Mall of America, in Bloomington, Minnesota. Nickelodeon Universe, once known as Knott's Camp Snoopy is an indoor theme park that sits on about 7 acres worth of the mall's land. Nickelodeon had big plans for more parks, specifically in New Orleans, owners offered discount tickets to help pay for construction on the new park plans. The plan was for it to open at the end of 2010, but in November 2009, owners announced the licensing agreement had expired with Southern Star Amusements, the planners who were developing it. Nickelodeon even sent online codes to VIPs, that they had to expire shortly after.

Currently the park is co-owned by a group called the Triple 5, the same group that owns Mall of America. MTV is also a division of the group and hand out discount tickets and great deals of their own. Viacom International is the other parks half owners, a group who own a TV channel themselves, I'm sure you are all familiar with Comedy Central. Of all the Roast shows that air once a year, almost every guest has gotten discount passes for Nickelodeon from Viacom for making it to the show.

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